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[HTML5 Entities] D

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All HTML5 entities starting with D.

Character Entity Name Hexadecimal
dagger 02020
daleth 02138
Darr 021A1
dArr 021D3
darr 02193
dash 02010
Dashv 02AE4
dashv 022A3
dbkarow 0290F
˝ dblac 002DD
Ď Dcaron 0010E
ď dcaron 0010F
Д Dcy 00414
д dcy 00434
DD 02145
dd 02146
ddagger 02021
ddarr 021CA
DDotrahd 02911
ddotseq 02A77
° deg 000B0
Del 02207
Δ Delta 00394
δ delta 003B4
demptyv 029B1
⥿ dfisht 0297F
𝔇 Dfr 1D507
𝔡 dfr 1D521
dHar 02965
dharl 021C3
dharr 021C2
´ DiacriticalAcute 000B4
˙ DiacriticalDot 002D9
˝ DiacriticalDoubleAcute 002DD
` DiacriticalGrave 00060
˜ DiacriticalTilde 002DC
diam 022C4
Diamond 022C4
diamond 022C4
diamondsuit 02666
diams 02666
¨ die 000A8
DifferentialD 02146
ϝ digamma 003DD
disin 022F2
÷ div 000F7
÷ divide 000F7
divideontimes 022C7
divonx 022C7
Ђ DJcy 00402
ђ djcy 00452
dlcorn 0231E
dlcrop 0230D
$ dollar 00024
𝔻 Dopf 1D53B
𝕕 dopf 1D555
¨ Dot 000A8
˙ dot 002D9
DotDot 020DC
doteq 02250
doteqdot 02251
DotEqual 02250
dotminus 02238
dotplus 02214
dotsquare 022A1
doublebarwedge 02306
DoubleContourIntegral 0222F
¨ DoubleDot 000A8
DoubleDownArrow 021D3
DoubleLeftArrow 021D0
DoubleLeftRightArrow 021D4
DoubleLeftTee 02AE4
DoubleLongLeftArrow 027F8
DoubleLongLeftRightArrow 027FA
DoubleLongRightArrow 027F9
DoubleRightArrow 021D2
DoubleRightTee 022A8
DoubleUpArrow 021D1
DoubleUpDownArrow 021D5
DoubleVerticalBar 02225
DownArrow 02193
Downarrow 021D3
downarrow 02193
DownArrowBar 02913
DownArrowUpArrow 021F5
̑ DownBreve 00311
downdownarrows 021CA
downharpoonleft 021C3
downharpoonright 021C2
DownLeftRightVector 02950
DownLeftTeeVector 0295E
DownLeftVector 021BD
DownLeftVectorBar 02956
DownRightTeeVector 0295F
DownRightVector 021C1
DownRightVectorBar 02957
DownTee 022A4
DownTeeArrow 021A7
drbkarow 02910
drcorn 0231F
drcrop 0230C
𝒟 Dscr 1D49F
𝒹 dscr 1D4B9
Ѕ DScy 00405
ѕ dscy 00455
dsol 029F6
Đ Dstrok 00110
đ dstrok 00111
dtdot 022F1
dtri 025BF
dtrif 025BE
duarr 021F5
duhar 0296F
dwangle 029A6
Џ DZcy 0040F
џ dzcy 0045F
dzigrarr 027FF
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