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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions regarding how this website is set up or how to use it, this is the page to read.

There are no comments, social media buttons or required accounts?

Yep. I've thought about this a long time, but eventually decided against it. Anybody who wants to bring something to the table can mail me and I will talk about it. This way I can make sure the people who actually add value get the attention they deserve, while haters or spammers are ignored and never to be seen again. Also, I've decided to use only email for communication - it is the most universally adopted communication channel, and I already use it a lot, so there's a greater chance I will catch your mail early.

How do I use this website?

Everything on this website is presented in the form of courses, chopped up into sections or several sorta standalone tutorials. This means that if you want to know something specific, you can visit the (sub)category it belongs to and search for the tutorial you want (or use the search bar). If you want to learn a new skill and don't know anything about it yet, you can just start with the first article of the course and use the buttons at the bottom of every tutorial to automatically go to the next (or previous) parts.

How often is content added or updated?

As often as is possible. I try to mostly write complete courses on a skill or subject, which means I work on it for a while before it is finished, and then I upload the whole thing at once. Sometimes I will post a (bunch of) standalone tutorials shortly after each other, but not often. Tutorials are updated all the time - if there is a mistake, something I missed, something I want to add, etcetera I just update it without notice.