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Complete Guide to Colour Theory

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1. Overview of Contents

Colour is everywhere. Whatever you make, it is going to have a colour. Websites, newspapers, magazines, movies – they are all in their most primitive form a collection of colours.

Lots of people say that black and white aren’t colours, but this isn’t exactly true. The arguments for that statement could be that black is the absence of colour, and that white is what a page looks like If you don’t put any colour on it.

Even though there is some truth to that, black and white (and greys) still play a huge role in general colour theory. And that is what this course is about.

This course will walk you through the different colours this world is made out of, how you combine those to create harmonies, and what emotional reactions different colours evoke.

You can then use this information for all your further projects, either to easily find a good-looking colour scheme or use colours to really make your design’s message stand out.

Overview of Contents

  1. Formats & Definitions
  2. RGB, CMYK and Pantone
  3. Using the Colour Wheel
  4. Using the Colour Triangle
  5. Harmonies & Relationships
  6. Context
  7. Emotions & Meaning
  8. Usage within Design
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