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Complete Typography Guide

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1. Table of Contents

Typography is perhaps the most important aspect of any design. Most information you’re going to convey will be structured using our familiar alphabet, and most of a design’s surface is going to be the body text. It’s a sad fact, therefore, that it’s often neglected. Lots of people pick their favourite parts of a design, and only decide on and implement the font(s) later on. Throughout this course, you will see that the font you choose has a huge impact on how you need to set the different parameters and elements within your design, and is something that can’t be set easily or arbitrarily. This course will try to help you take your typography more seriously!

There’s a lot to discuss, so to keep things structured, I’ll be moving from the smallest element towards the biggest. I will start at defining all sorts of things about individual letters (and some special characters), then move on to combining letters into words, then into lines, which create text blocks, and ultimately end up at how typography works combined with other design elements.

Additionally, throughout the course there will be exercises or specific instructions to not make a certain mistake. I will simply announce these with the words type exercise and type error.

Table of Contents

  1. What is Typography?
  2. Fundamental Terminology
  3. Typeface Classification
  4. Finding Fonts
  5. Matching Fonts
  6. Font Styles
  7. Special Characters I
  8. Special Characters II
  9. Kerning & Tracking
  10. Leading & Measure
  11. Alignment
  12. Paragraphs & Pagination
  13. Hierarchy I
  14. Hierarchy II
  15. Grid
  16. Page
  17. Design Elements
  18. Editing & Proofreading
  19. The Design Process
  20. Tips & Tricks
  21. Conclusion: what now?
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