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[Hygiene] Clipping your Nails

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You were given 20 nails, which will never stop growing. Long nails have all sorts of disadvantages: they look bad, they are sharp and can hurt yourself or other people, they collect lots of dirt underneath them, and they can seriously hinder you in doing your daily tasks.

It is therefore very wise to keep your nails short and clean.

Basic Rules on Trimming Nails

Nails grow at a different rate for each person, so there’s no standard rule for when to cut them. But, on average, you will need to cut them once in every two weeks. If you are experiencing trouble with long nails, or they are collecting too much dirt, you should definitely cut them earlier.

Sometimes, your nails will collect lots of dirt without being long at all (mostly because you’re work means getting your hands dirty). Then you shouldn’t cut them, but pay special attention to them at least twice a day. You can do this when taking a shower, or washing your hands or face.

Don’t bite your nails! It doesn’t look good if other people see it, and your nails get rough, uneven edges. And it’s not exactly healthy.

Don’t try to clean your nails by scratching the dirt away with another one. Just clean them properly.

If you’ve accidentally cut a nail uneven, don’t try and try to fix your mistake. It’s a never-ending process that will make your nails too short. There’s also a chance of nails growing in, which is painful and most of the times requires a doctor to get it on the right track again. Instead, try to even your nails out by using a nail file.

How far or how much should I cut the nails?

When you look at your nails, you should see two parts. A pink-ish part near the finger, and a white part at the growing end. The white part is the part of the nail that sticks out, and its color is created by the oxygen it is collecting. You want to cut the complete white part, and nothing more.

Your Hands

These ones grow a bit faster than your toes, and are seen by other people (contrary to the ones on your toes which are usually hidden), so these need the most care. You should cut the nails round/curved, so that its end follows the roundness of your fingertips.

Your Feet

These ones grow slower, but are much stronger. People usually cut them less often, but you can do them at the same time as you do your hands. The difference is mostly that you need to cut these straight. Of course, it can be curved a little, but you want the end to mostly be a straight horizontal line.

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