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[Hygiene] Sweat and Smell

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Even if you’ve done everything you can to get your skin clean and your teeth shining, there could still be a smell hanging around you that drives everyone away. There might even be some nasty-looking spots under your armpits because of sweat. Or even worse, you meet someone new, but your hands are sweaty for no reason, so you awkwardly try to avoid the handshake.

There are some things we simply can’t control or stop. You can’t exercise for an hour and expect to still be perfectly clean and smelling nice, but there are easy ways to mask any bad smell or sweating problems.

Deodorants vs Anti-Perspirants

They do something completely different, although often used for the same reason.

Deodorants are chemical solutions that smell really nice. Spraying some under your armpits doesn’t stop any sweat or smell, but masks or hides it by creating a second, nicer one.

Anti-Perspirants try to stop or obstruct the sweating altogether. They try to make your body sweat far less, and dry up any sweat against your skin so the smell is not released and it can’t be seen through your clothes.

Spraying a bit of deodorant are usually more than enough. If you suffer from excessive sweating, anti-perspirants will help you out, but I wouldn’t advise you use them otherwise. Your body transpires for a good reason, and you shouldn’t try to make it stop doing that. Sporting in different clothes, showering or washing after any activity that may make you sweat, is the way to go.

How often should I use deodorant?

Usually, people spray it on before they leave for work or school. If you come home, and then later the same day have to attend something else, it is also good to spray some on. If it is a very hot day, or you’re experiencing troubles with sweat in general, its best to keep it with you and spray it on regularly (when you go to the toilet for example).

However, do not overuse deodorant (or cologne for that matter). Use it to mask bad body smell, and perhaps give yourself a very subtle nice smell, but don’t go further than that.

Sweaty hands

A very annoying problem. Some people just have it a lot, some people don’t. Washing your hands with cool water regularly usually helps a lot, otherwise you can try an anti-perspirant. Sweaty hands of course also give off a bit of a smell, but that is hardly noticeable and isn’t your biggest problem.

Some people also suffer from the opposite: cold hands. The remedy for this is the opposite: wash your hands with warmer water, try to use them a lot and rub them against each other to keep them warmer.

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