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[Card Magic] Fake Shuffles

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A trick in its simplest form, is having a spectator put a card on top (or bottom) of the deck, then shuffle it (fake one), and show the audience (to its surprise) that the card is still on top. However, to not make the audience suspect anything, you'll need to learn multiple of these fake shuffles.

Controlled Shuffle

The controlled shuffle makes you able to keep a card at the bottom or top. The rest of the deck is really shuffled. The controlled shuffle is almost the same as the basic shuffle everybody knows: hold the deck in your right hand, and take a portion from the back of the deck and throw them down at the other end, in groups. It works like this:

  • If you want tokeep a card on top: The first time, instead of taking only a portion from the back, lift the entire deck, except for the top card. The top card will fall back, and you can put the whole deck on top of it. If done quickly, it's unnoticable. Then, you can just finish this shuffle, for the card will be at the bottom of the deck. The second round, do it the traditional way, and grab the back portion of the back and throw them in front. When you come to the last few cards, release them one by one so that the bottom card ends on top.
  • If you want tokeep a card at the bottom: Do everything the normal way, but when you come to the last few cards, don't put them in front but simply return those few to the back. Again, this might seem obvious, but when done quickly it will not be noticed. A variation on this, is that you vary between putting cards at the front and at the back. It works the same way: simply keep the bottom card in your hand, and only release the other cards.

Perfect Cut

This technique, if done quickly, makes it seem like you're just cutting the deck at random places (because you are). But, the trick is in the fact that you return those bits of the deck in the exact same order you cut them, so that the complete order of cards in the deck remains exactly the same. Here it goes, step by step:

  • Take the deck of cards horizontally with both hands, thumbs on the back side (pointing towards you) and the rest of your fingers on the other side.
  • Then, take about 1/3 of the deck from the bottom with your right hand, and move it to the top. But, keep it seperated from the remaining cards in the other hand.
  • Then, with your left hand, again take 1/3 of the deck from the bottom and move it on top of the other 1/3 you just moved. These don't need to be seperated. (if you want to do the shuffle very quickly, it's wise to lift your index finger and already start with the next step)
  • Then, move whatever's left in your right hand (seperated from the 2/3 above it), on top of that, and your deck is in the exact same order as it was before.

Do it quickly and multiple times, and people think the deck is completely shuffled, while it's EXACTLY the same.

Swivel Cut - Simple Flourish

This one looks awesome, whatever you use it for. And, it keeps the complete order of the cards.

  • Take the deck into your right hand, vertically, thumb closest to you, the rest of your fingers at the side furthest from you. Your hand must be above the cards (so palm is facing the cards).
  • Then, cut 1/3 of the top of the deck and throw it into your left hand (A).
  • Then cut the remaining deck in two, again creating two cuts of about 1/3 (Band C, top and bottom).
  • Then, switchA with C.So, C is now in your left hand and A underneath B in your right. Make sure to keep A and B seperate.
  • Then comes the swivel: use theleft index andright index to rotate B180 degrees while transporting it from your right to your left hand.
  • Then throw the remaining cards in your right hand (A) on top of the ones in your left. And the order is restored to A,B,C.

The swivel throws some nice style and elegance into the shuffle, and isn't too hard to learn.

One-handed cut

This method of cutting the cards serves two purposes: one is that it actually shuffles the cards and looks awesome, the other is that you can cut the cards quickly while distracting the audience with your other free hand. Here are the instructions for theright hand.

  • Keep the deck in your hand horizontally with index finger on the left side, middle and ring finger on the top side, pinky on the right side, and thumb on the bottom side.
  • Cut the deck in two (we'll call them A and B, top and bottom), by applying only pressure to the top half of the deck with your thumb.
  • Then releasepressure from the index finger, and tilt your hand a bit so thatB falls down into your palm, resting on your pinky.
  • Then, use this free index finger to pushB towards your thumb, so that B and A form a 90 degree angle.
  • Once it's there, you can release your middle and ring finger so thatA falls down into your palm.
  • And then a little push with your thumb makesB fall down on top ofA.
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