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[Singing] Breathing Exercises

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People who sport quite often usually already know how to do this, but for some people this is very strange. These breathing exercises will let you use the abdominal breathing technique discussed a few chapters ago, and it allows you to control your breath more. When you’ve just exercised, you just woke up, or you’ve eaten recently, your breathing is usually a bit off and not ready for singing. Breathing exercises will also help with getting the air flow on the right track before starting to sing.

Abdominal Breathing Technique

If you’re having trouble trying to breathe only by expanding and contracting your belly, or engaging and releasing your abs, it usually helps to do this:

  • Lie on your back, make sure you’re comfortable.
  • Put a book, or something moderately heavy on your abdomen.
  • Now try to move the book up and down with only your abdomen.
  • If you manage to get it to move up and down regularly with simply breathing, you’re on the right track.


Controlled Air Flow

This one’s for extending how much air you can use ( = how long you can hold a note), and for ‘resetting’ the air flow.

  • Quickly inhale as much as you can. Try to do this properly and not create any tension anywhere.
  • Put your teeth together, push your tongue against them, and create a simple snake-like ‘sssssss’ sound.
  • Do it as loud as you can, and try to keep the note for as long as you can.
  • Repeat a few times until you can do this for a relatively long time, and in a relaxed manner.


Tips to keep in mind

You should feel the air drop lower, even below your belly button. Visualizing the air to be heavy can sometimes help. The only tension should be in your abs, and even that should not be too extreme. Remember that singing is a relaxing activity, and adding good support should only add to that smoothness.

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