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[Singing] Middle (Speaking) Range

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1. What to Do

This should be the first thing you try and perfect. If you can’t get this right, there’s no use in putting your training into low and/or high notes, because you can’t really reach them or connect them.

Singing notes in this range, means singing notes that are comfortable and around the pitch of your speaking voice. You should not feel much tension, and your larynx shouldn’t rise.

But, there might still be a lot wrong with your technique (think of placement or your tongue being in the way). Therefore, it’s best to try to get this range of maybe 5 or 6 notes perfect.

What to Do

Vocal exercises inside this range should help a lot, and you should always start with them.

Besides that, pay attention to your speaking voice and make sure that isn’t hurting you. Of course, speaking and singing is different and should not sound or work exactly the same, but you should at least be able to get a clear, moderately loud, understandable tone out of your mouth as you speak.

Last but not least, when you feel confident you can try singing songs with a small vocal range, here are a few examples:

  • 100 Suns by 30 Seconds to Mars (less than an octave)
  • Into my Arms by Nick Cave (less than an octave)
  • These Boots are Made for Walking by Nancy Sinatra (exactly one octave)
  • Sweet Dreams by Eurythmics (exactly one octave)
  • Here Comes the Rain Again by Eurythmics (exactly one octave)

Why do I give songs with one octave vocal range? Because you can transpose these songs, down or up to your comfortable midrange level, and from there on sing through the whole sing without having to strain or hit difficult notes.

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