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Become a Foosball/Table Soccer Champion

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Welcome to the guide on how to become better at foosball. Whether you’ve always wanted to be better than the average random person at this great game, want to impress some people or are eager to join foosball tournaments – this guide is for you.

I’ll start with explaining a bit about the table and the game itself; the rules, setup, playing conventions. Then I will move on to explaining the fundamentals of attacking as well as defending, and finish it off with tips & tricks. I will include the most common shots or techniques with every section, but using the basic rules and possibilities I explain you will be able to perhaps make up your own special trademark shot.

How to use this guide

You can use it any way you like, but I think there is a certain order and strategy which will yield the best results.

Usually with a game, I would recommend starting with defending and then moving on to attacking. With table soccer however, how you defend really depends on your knowledge of the attacking skills of your opponents and attacking in general.

On top of that, foosball is a wild game. Especially if not everyone knows what they’re doing, people can start just shooting the ball randomly and as fast as they can. Defence doesn’t have much use in these circumstances, and whether you win or not depends more on how well you can control the ball and how great your attacking skills are.

I have therefore put all the posts in the order that I think is the best, and I recommend you read through them in that way.

But always remember

Practice, is the magic word. If you’ve got a soccer table at home, or anywhere else where you can play alone, I strongly recommend putting in some hours to get your technique perfect. Even then, the game is unpredictable and you will never get a 100% success rate, but that shouldn’t keep you from trying the best you can. Even a few hours of extra, specific training can make a huge difference.

Table of Contents

  1. Fundamentals & Rules
  2. Ball Control
  3. Passing
  4. Shooting
  5. Defending with goalkeeper + defenders
  6. Defending with midfield + attackers
  7. Tips & Tricks
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