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[Foosball] Tips and Tricks

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Okay, once you know all this, you’re left with a lot of different things you can do and techniques you can use, but that still doesn’t completely make your game. What you should develop is a professional playing style, which can be achieved by trying to implement the following tips & tricks:

First of all, keep in mind  pace and surprise. What can really throw off other players are changes in speed and action. Sometimes you can take it very very slow, and then suddenly accelerate. You can slowly pass the ball between men for a few seconds, and then suddenly shoot. Or the other way around, quickly tic-tac the ball and then do a slow angled (/spray) shot. And perhaps you’ve been doing the same shot 10 times this match, now try something else to surprise the others. Just know that, playing with a different  rhythm than your opponent, basically forcing the opponent to follow your rhythm instead of their own, can help a great deal in winning (psychologically).

Try to  read the enemy: try to figure out their playing style, their best or favourite tricks, their way of defending – and then adapt. For example, I’ve taught you the best defensive positioning, but a smart player will see that you constantly use these tactics, and won’t even bother trying some shots anymore, but will move straight on to the few shots that do work!

And last but not least: there are many little things, little tips and tricks for yourself, that you learn on the way, just playing and trying out. Always try to improve your game.

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