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[HTML5 Entities] B

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All HTML5 entities starting with B.

Character Entity Name Hexadecimal
backcong 0224C
϶ backepsilon 003F6
backprime 02035
backsim 0223D
backsimeq 022CD
Backslash 02216
Barv 02AE7
barvee 022BD
barwedge 02305
bbrk 023B5
bbrktbrk 023B6
bcong 0224C
Б Bcy 00411
б bcy 00431
bdquo 0201E
because 02235
bemptyv 029B0
϶ bepsi 003F6
bernou 0212C
Bernoullis 0212C
Β Beta 00392
β beta 003B2
beth 02136
between 0226C
𝔅 Bfr 1D505
𝔟 bfr 1D51F
bigcap 022C2
bigcirc 025EF
bigcup 022C3
bigodot 02A00
bigoplus 02A01
bigotimes 02A02
bigsqcup 02A06
bigstar 02605
bigtriangledown 025BD
bigtriangleup 025B3
biguplus 02A04
bigvee 022C1
bigwedge 022C0
bkarow 0290D
blacklozenge 029EB
blacksquare 025AA
blacktriangle 025B4
blacktriangledown 025BE
blacktriangleleft 025C2
blacktriangleright 025B8
blank 02423
blk12 02592
blk14 02591
blk34 02593
block 02588
=⃥ bne 0003D 020E5
≡⃥ bnequiv 02261 020E5
bNot 02AED
bnot 02310
𝔹 Bopf 1D539
𝕓 bopf 1D553
bot 022A5
bottom 022A5
bowtie 022C8
boxbox 029C9
boxDL 02557
boxDl 02556
boxdL 02555
boxdl 02510
boxDR 02554
boxDr 02553
boxdR 02552
boxdr 0250C
boxH 02550
boxh 02500
boxHD 02566
boxHd 02564
boxhD 02565
boxhd 0252C
boxHU 02569
boxHu 02567
boxhU 02568
boxhu 02534
boxminus 0229F
boxplus 0229E
boxtimes 022A0
boxUL 0255D
boxUl 0255C
boxuL 0255B
boxul 02518
boxUR 0255A
boxUr 02559
boxuR 02558
boxur 02514
boxV 02551
boxv 02502
boxVH 0256C
boxVh 0256B
boxvH 0256A
boxvh 0253C
boxVL 02563
boxVl 02562
boxvL 02561
boxvl 02524
boxVR 02560
boxVr 0255F
boxvR 0255E
boxvr 0251C
bprime 02035
˘ Breve 002D8
˘ breve 002D8
¦ brvbar 000A6
Bscr 0212C
𝒷 bscr 1D4B7
bsemi 0204F
bsim 0223D
bsime 022CD
\ bsol 0005C
bsolb 029C5
bsolhsub 027C8
bull 02022
bullet 02022
bump 0224E
bumpE 02AAE
bumpe 0224F
Bumpeq 0224E
bumpeq 0224F
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