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[HTML5 Entities] C

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All HTML5 entities starting with C.

Character Entity Name Hexadecimal
Ć Cacute 00106
ć cacute 00107
Cap 022D2
cap 02229
capand 02A44
capbrcup 02A49
capcap 02A4B
capcup 02A47
capdot 02A40
CapitalDifferentialD 02145
∩︀ caps 02229 0FE00
caret 02041
ˇ caron 002C7
Cayleys 0212D
ccaps 02A4D
Č Ccaron 0010C
č ccaron 0010D
Ç Ccedil 000C7
ç ccedil 000E7
Ĉ Ccirc 00108
ĉ ccirc 00109
Cconint 02230
ccups 02A4C
ccupssm 02A50
Ċ Cdot 0010A
ċ cdot 0010B
¸ cedil 000B8
¸ Cedilla 000B8
cemptyv 029B2
¢ cent 000A2
· CenterDot 000B7
· centerdot 000B7
Cfr 0212D
𝔠 cfr 1D520
Ч CHcy 00427
ч chcy 00447
check 02713
checkmark 02713
Χ Chi 003A7
χ chi 003C7
cir 025CB
ˆ circ 002C6
circeq 02257
circlearrowleft 021BA
circlearrowright 021BB
circledast 0229B
circledcirc 0229A
circleddash 0229D
CircleDot 02299
® circledR 000AE
circledS 024C8
CircleMinus 02296
CirclePlus 02295
CircleTimes 02297
cirE 029C3
cire 02257
cirfnint 02A10
cirmid 02AEF
cirscir 029C2
cwconint 02232
ClockwiseContourIntegral 02232
CloseCurlyDoubleQuote 0201D
CloseCurlyQuote 02019
clubs 02663
clubsuit 02663
Colon 02237
: colon 0003A
Colone 02A74
colone 02254
coloneq 02254
, comma 0002C
@ commat 00040
comp 02201
compfn 02218
complement 02201
complexes 02102
cong 02245
congdot 02A6D
Congruent 02261
Conint 0222F
conint 0222E
ContourIntegral 0222E
Copf 02102
𝕔 copf 1D554
coprod 02210
Coproduct 02210
© copy 000A9
copysr 02117
crarr 021B5
Cross 02A2F
cross 02717
𝒞 Cscr 1D49E
𝒸 cscr 1D4B8
csub 02ACF
csube 02AD1
csup 02AD0
csupe 02AD2
ctdot 022EF
cudarrl 02938
cudarrr 02935
cuepr 022DE
cuesc 022DF
cularr 021B6
cularrp 0293D
Cup 022D3
cup 0222A
cupbrcap 02A48
CupCap 0224D
cupcap 02A46
cupcup 02A4A
cupdot 0228D
cupor 02A45
∪︀ cups 0222A + 0FE00
curarr 021B7
curarrm 0293C
curlyeqprec 022DE
curlyeqsucc 022DF
curlyvee 022CE
curlywedge 022CF
¤ curren 000A4
curvearrowleft 021B6
curvearrowright 021B7
cuvee 022CE
cuwed 022CF
cwconint 02232
cwint 02231
cylcty 0232D
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