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LaTeX Math

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1. Table of Contents

If you don’t have any LaTeX knowledge, I strongly recommend you first look at the BASIC COURSE. Lots of fundamental concepts will be used in this course, but not explained again.

With that out of the way, we can start our journey into beautifully typesetting mathematical formulas. This course will teach you the environments to use for different mathematical formats, and the commands to use for certain mathematical operations. LaTeX won’t calculate things or run algorithms for you – it’s only there to typeset the math.

If you have a pretty good understanding of LaTeX, learning the mathematical side won’t be difficult. Some of the chapters will have little explanation or new concepts, and will just provide some tables with symbols, for you to reference as you’re working. Before we start, I have good news and bad news.

The bad news is, that LaTeX can’t typeset math and regular text without any extra help. Its default way of formatting anything is targeted at text only. To use math, we need to always put it inside a math environment – which is what the first few chapters will discuss.

The good news is, that these environments behave a lot like you’re used to, and can be created easily. Text and numbers are displayed like normal, just with a different font style. For example, these math characters can be typed right from the keyboard and automatically work beautifully:

+ - = ! / ( ) [ ] < > | ' :

Most commands work inside them as well, and the same restrictions apply as with regular text typesetting. Good luck!

Table of Contents

  1. Math Environments I
  2. Math Environments II
  3. Display Styles & Scripts
  4. Delimiters
  5. Math Accents
  6. Functions
  7. Sums, Integrals & More
  8. Matrices
  9. Spacing & Special Text
  10. Greek Letters
  11. Math Symbols
  12. Theorems & Proofs
  13. Math Graphics


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