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About Us

Hi, I'm Pandaqi, a guy who loves learning new stuff and then teaching it to others.

That's why I created this website in 2015. As of this writing (December 2019) there are over 500 unique tutorials on the website, 7000 unique visitors served every month, and even some donations from time to time. (Thank you internet strangers!)

I'm extremely proud of what this website has become and think the last 10-20 courses I made are of extremely high quality. (The first ones are, admittedly, full of errors and outdated information.) The website is, however, currently on pause. As most people, I need money to survive, so my attention had to be diverted to other projects.

I am currently a freelance artist in the Netherlands: Rode Panda - Freelance Artist

And I run an independent game studio: Pandaqi - Local multiplayer games for everyone

But do not fret! I haven't given up on this website. It's too valuable and helps too many people to stop now. When I find the spare time, I'm still writing new content and still updating the website (both the code/visuals and the content), just a lot slower than before.

If you find any errors, or want to request topics or give feedback, I'm still very much open to that. Just send me an email!

Hopefully, in a few years time, I will have finished my bachelor's degree and have some savings, so I can create high-quality content again. In the mean time, enjoy the website :)